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Thursday, September 28, 2006

My first blog post is history. I was surprised how long it took to publish a couple short paragraphs. This is me establishing my online voice. I will try to make sure every post has something reflective (this opening), some substance, and then a little candy at the end.

This the subtance part:
I've been thinking about my three part philosophy. Some of you already know about my String Theory/Poker/Buddhism theory of life. It's still evolving but the essence is that those three disciplines create a comprehensive philosophical framework.

String theory explains why the world is the way it is. Poker is the decision model for life. Buddhism is the mental mindset for accepting it all. Am I serious? Sort of. After all, I'm not a physicist or a Buddhist, but I am a poker player, at least in my dreams.

The candy and a little blog/web experiment:
When my parents were here last weekend, I took them on a Bay Tour in a Cessna. Here are some great pictures my dad took--
SF Bay Tour on 9/16/2006
Sep 16, 2006 - 8 Photos

Welcome to the blog. My first objective--declare my goals for adding one more blog to the world:

1) Have a place to record my opinions as if they mattered.
2) Learn about life on the web by living on the web and maybe teaching a little at the same time.
3) Hopefully helping in some small way to make the world better, even if it is just by making one reader smile.

How do I get there?

1) Read and learn from comments, if any should come to be.
2) Get ideas by looking at other blogs and web entities.
3) Make it up as I go.

Let's get started.

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